memorable box !

my friend's idea :)

She always has the best intentions of scrapbooking but at last all the pictures end up sitting inside a box.so,she just thinking why not make up one pretty box !
This would be also a nice gift for your friends.This way they have a place to keep all the fun little memories throughout the whole journey of life :)

first,she bought a paper mache box from a craft shop.Once she had her box,she measured it and cut the paper to the right size she wanted.She used the spray glue to stick on the paper.She decorated the box with stamps,stickers and hand words !

Feel free to coordinate the box colors and designs just the way you love.here some ideas for what you could put in your pretty box :)

#ultrasounds (such pictures and DVDs)
#shower invitations
#gift lists
and many more ^^

I hope this inspires you to make up one either for a gift or just for yourself.Reward your own self ;)

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