about founder :)

Peace !

My name is Zarith Nazwa Bt. Zulkefli.I was born in Selangor,Malaysia.I spent most of my lifetime in Meru,Klang.Im just a typical girl that love to share to others what I love in my life.

Absolutely,I do love craft especially Malaysian’s craft.Personally in my opinion,Malaysians are all creatives ! But they have no medium to show up to the world what they can do.And of corse,as I am Malaysian and I have a brief knowledge of internet marketing,im gonna help them to express whats Malaysians can proud of especially in handmade craft ;)

Now,im on my steps to fame on one of Malaysians craft that is Malaysia’s craft handmade handbag ! I started to plan this since I was 18.While studying I made my hobby as my side income money.Im passion on what Im doing, and that is my secret to maintain my business although some hard times made me almost fall and loose hope.

A billion thanks to my beloved dad,Zulkefli Bustamam that always put a believe on me to handle a business although Im still studying.Not forgotten,my mum,Ruzana Rashid that always support me throughout.

My pleasure you can spend your time to get know me well !
So,enjoy your visit to my site and don’t forget to purchase with us ;)

-the founder-


  1. Eh kau tak korek idung ke?

  2. mengong punye wafi ! kau je yg suka korek hidung.eww.HAHA